National John Suppression Initiative



Image: Geographic distribution of 1,607 buyers identified in the NJSI summer 2018 campaign.


The National Johns Suppression Initiative (NJSI) - a nationwide counter human trafficking campaign focusing on reducing demand - ran in July and August 2018. Led by Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, the NJSI began in 2011 with this campaign serving as its 16th nationwide operation. With the NJSI providing collaboration with over 120 law enforcement agencies making 8,753 arrests across 25 states over its history, this summer’s campaign conducted online and offline operations targeting buyers that supply the wealth to the United States trafficking economy.

The campaign included a pilot of a buyer deterrence system from, the artificial intelligence platform protecting kids online. The pilot provided participating agencies a conversational intelligence for interacting with buyers. After the conversation with the buyer concludes, delivers a customized deterrence message.

This report is an analysis of this collaboration for the 16th NJSI campaign.